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Spinalonga Project
Architecture Design Studio

A3D CONSTRUCTIONS is an architectural firm and construction company, created in 2011 to provide services with the best quality at the best price!
  In this company, you will find all types of construction and innovative new systems that will make your dreams come true, always with the smartest and most economical way.

   We offer specialized sustainability services that create enduring value through reducing cost, optimizing energy and water consumption and creating durable, lasting and respected environments.

   Sustainable architecture, green roofs organic & eco-friendly materials caracterized the A3D CONSTRUCTIONS firm's projetcs.

We are here to create the project of your dreams!



Apartment Interior Design Paris 16e France


"Architecture is a turn of mind and not only a profession."

Le Corbusier
Architect, Artist, Decorator, Painter

(1887 - 1965)

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