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Architectural Design

Functionality and constructive excellence requires a technically perfect design. We have given great importance in this area with the continuous training of our staff (Architects, Civil Engineers and Engineering Technologists) as well as with the continuous cooperation with the Construction Department, as to combine the functional design with the construction details in order not to increase the cost of our designs. In detail the Design Department manages the following areas:

Architectural Designs for Residential / Hotels / Commercial

Designed by licensed Architectural staff of our company, who utilize and classify, based on their experience, the information collected by the client to meet their needs and create functional designs that respect the unique environment of the area.

Interior Design of Houses / Shops

Having the ability to use modern means of design, we can study, design and construct in virtual reality the interior space of any technical project. By viewing the images of the designed project, with all selected materials to be used, you can make your own changes and interventions, which under other circumstances could only be done during the construction, usually having a negative impact on the financial schedule of the project.

Design of External Landscaping

Utilizing our vast experience in landscape design and using all up-to-date tools for their design, we can propose ideal solutions for your space, which are always accompanied by construction cost estimates.

3D and Photo-Realistic Building Illustration with Parallel Application of Materials

The really amazing feature offered through personal computers these days offers you the possibility to get a real image of the design of your project, find potential mistakes or admire the uniqueness of your project even before it is implemented. All these electronic services are provided by our office, while these services offered evolve daily.

Structural Design of Buildings by Reinforced Concrete

To be able to present and calculate a structural design is common. To be able to design the structural body of a building, to give the appropriate cross sections and to achieve the maximum safety possible in parallel with the maximum possible savings, requires in depth knowledge of the subject and passion for the work carried out by licensed Civil Engineers – the staff of our company.

Structural Design of Buildings by Metallic Skeleton or Mixed Structures

The new era in construction work requires building design from metallic skeletons and mixed structures. Disposing the appropriate structural programs and mainly the experienced personnel, we can design buildings of this type by giving valuable advice to our clients and designs that combine safety with economy.

Engineering Designs of Common or Specific Building Projects

The electromechanical equipment of a building can be compared with the functioning of the human body’s heart. As in the design of the heart, theoretically no irregularities are allowed, with the exact same logic in the design of the electromechanical installation needs to be and must be precise so that irregularities do not occur in the implementation of the system during its operation. The company can guarantee the precision of its electromechanical designs.

K.EN.A.K Design (Building Energy Efficiency Regulation)

In addition to a building project being functional, prestigious and adapted to the environment, there are also environmentally friendly and energy saving resources to consider, which are not easy to achieve. We utilize the maximum possibilities given to us by the New Greek legislation by studying all details involved in the design of construction projects resulting in constructional building designs that are friendly to the unfortunately – chaotically constructed environment.

Technical Studies for Investments and Subsidies Developmental Laws

We have the possibility to prepare budgets for accession to Developmental laws and European programs as we are well aware of their technical compilation.

Implementation Studies with Detailed Cost Estimations and Detailed Engineering Design

In case of structures with specific requirements of design, we can deliver detailed designs with all technical details required for the proper construction of the particular project. These designs can be accompanied by analytical cost estimations, schedules and time charts, taking advantage of our vast construction experience.

Provide Package of Cost and Quantities for a Construction Project with option of Self-Supervision

This is another innovative idea of our company, according to which we can deliver to you a package including analytical quantity and cost calculations with which you can follow the construction works of your project under (self-supervision). This gives you the opportunity to cooperate with our office in this area, while at the same time receiving services (issuance of building permit, supervision, construction) by other Engineers.

Operating Licenses of Shops

We take care of all the paperwork required for the issuance of your store’s operating license without any need for your involvement.

E.O.T. (Greek National Tourism Organization) Approvals

We take care of all procedures required for any type of approval by the Greek National Tourism Organization (E.O.T.). Based on our comprehensive knowledge of the subject, we can offer solutions to any problem that may arise, within the framework of legality.

Environmental Impact Designs

Having drawn important Environmental Impact Designs for structures in our region, we undertake the development as well as the entire process for the completion of their approval.

Traffic Connections

Being able to exit and enter your own property safely except from the fact that it is imposed by the current legislation, is also a matter of personal and social security. Knowing the legislation concerning connections in detail, we undertake the preparation of relevant designs.

Changes in Land Register

With the Land Register’s base in the greater area of Aghios Nikolaos, we can compose and submit any required data adjustment to ensure that your registration information at the appropriate land registry office is correct.

Topographic / Surveying Works

Using the most modern methods for the topographic mapping of your property in addition with the experience of our Topographers, we can precisely deliver any topographic or bathymetric mapping requested.

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