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About the architect

Maria Tsakoniti 

Founder of




Real Estate & Construction Services

     Maria Tsakoniti was born in Paris France. She graduated with distinction from Ecole Speciale d'Architecture in Paris, DipArch & MArch (2009) & holds a PMSc Diploma in Urban Planning from the University of Sorbonne Paris IV (2010).
Since 2016, she is also a Phd Scientific Researcher at the University of Sorbonne Paris 4.

She oversees all of the agency's major projects. 
She has participated to many architectural projects and urban studies such as: the rehabilitation of the old town of Tokyo city (a collaboration with Tokai University / Department of Architecture and Building Engineering,Tokyo Japan & Ecole Speciale d'Architecture, Paris France) where she spent 3 months studying on site and living in Tokyo Japan, the urban study for the rehabilitation of Guadalajara city in Mexico (a collaboration with the university of Sorbonne Paris 4) where she spent 4 months studying on site and living in Guadalajara city in Mexico, the "Grand Paris"study concerning the extension of Paris city to its suburbs by studying the connexion between Porte d'Orlean & Montrouge for the Town Hall of Paris.
She has been a professor assistant in Ecole Special d'Architecture and she has won awards & honorary distinctions such as the Honorary Award for her Diploma Study concerning the bioclimatic & ecological development on the island of Spinalonga in Crete Greece, her study for the local sustainable development of Crete, especially for the department of Lassithi Crete, the architecturale & urban study for "Ile Seguin" in Paris France etc.
  She also participated in the urban study for the extension of Paris city to Montrouge for the Olympic Games 2024.
  She has working as a technical adviser/architect/urban planner for the Town Hall of Defense in Paris France, for architectural french construction companies and firms.

  Since her childhood, the architecture was part of her life as her parents are both architects too.

  She is undertaking a variety of architectural and structural projects in residential and commercial buildings. She is general secretary in the Architectural Association in Crete,Official Regular Member of the Architectural Council and co-founder of THEATRA II research associaion based in Paris 10e.
    LEED training and certificate from New York Institute USA. 

Contractor, Official energy building Inspector & Controller, Building Official Controller & Founder of MTA Houses Real Estate Agency (

                +30 6938767241 (GR) |+33 621715369 (FR)


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