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Project Management Department

Efficient management has always been an important factor for the success of any project. More so in technical projects, management is a primary factor for success.

Our company is proud that today we can offer a complete package of Project Management services, whose most important actions are listed below. When choosing to cooperate with our company on the basis of Project Management, you can obtain multiple benefits, given that prices now are without any contractor profit and there is continuous monitoring of costs in relation to the original cost estimates.

Our company has qualified personnel handling Project Management, while at the same time has the ability to manage projects anywhere in Greece, having developed applications, the design of which has been done by our staff, which draw unique information from the accumulated years of experience. In detail the Project Management Department operates based on the following work stages:

Categorization of Project Tasks
As a first step is a detailed categorization of the work required in the particular project. The process shows a table listing the categories, possible subcategories and the necessary applicable codes for tracking and entering data into the system.

Detailed Cost Estimation of Project
Once the process of categorization has been completed, the project’s cost estimates are calculated based on mid-market prices from our database or on prices offered in cases of special constructions. This pre-cost estimation can separate horizontally and vertically the cost estimate of the works, giving a detailed view of V.A.T., expected costs of Ι.Κ.Α. (National Insurance Fund) and detailed fees of our office for providing the service of Project Management.

Establishing Guaranteed Maximum Price
By pre-estimating the costs of the entire project and considering the market data, while taking into account at the same time the parameters of the project’s scope, we are able to give a Guarantee Maximum Price (G.M.P.) of the project. Following the G.M.P., we are able to give a clear indication to our client per stage of works in real time of the project’s construction to identify discrepancies and to prepare remedial proposals to achieve our final objective without detracting from the G.M.P. In case of alterations, the client is able to know the deviation sooner and to have a full report of the reasons that caused this discrepancy.

Preparation of Cash Flow Projections
A diagram that has the ability to represent the cash flow of the project by distinguishing the equity capital, bank loans, financing and other resources. This diagram is drawn up simultaneously and is inextricably tied with the time frame of the project and vice versa. It also gives the possibility to the client to be aware of the cash flow needs in relation to the dates of completion of the project and whichever alteration occurs is dealt with immediately with system data updating so as to keep the relationship of cost-time always visible.

Preparation of Detailed Project Time Chart (Gantt Chart)
Based on the categories and their subcategories, a detailed time chart of the project is drawn up, which then in cooperation with the client is adjusted to the data of the cash flow resulting to the analytical proposal of the time chart which is the base of the time tracking for each stage of work.

Compiling Documentation of Procedures for Project Monitoring
For the proper monitoring of the project and the unimpeded registration of data into the system compiling of all the necessary documentation which will be used in the construction site by all workers involved in the project (Engineers, Foreman, Executives, Economists etc.) is required.

Indicative are the following forms:

Project Calendar

Analytical Measurement of Work

Purchase Orders

Table of Fine Enforcements

Acceptance of Work Stage

Loss Account Statements

Materials Order Form

Correction of Damage and Loss Control

Protocol of Work Delivery and Acceptance

Monitoring Traffic to Construction Site

Questionnaire for Parties involved in the project

Order form by Parties involved in the project

Change Order Forms on the Agreed Construction Designs

Monitoring Concrete Usage Report

Feedback to Supervisors

Comprehensive Financial Monitoring of the Project
Perhaps the most important phase of project management is the daily entering of data from all the forms that have been selected and encoded according to the coding system chosen. Based on this encoding, we know each day the financial scope of the executed operations and their direct comparison with the Guaranteed Maximum Price since the percentage of the executed operations is automatically calculated in relation with the pre-estimated value.

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